Stallet – Live Intimate Close 

The venue for folk and world music in the middle of Stockholm.

Welcome to Stallet, Sweden’s biggest venue for folk music and dance from all corners of the world. A musical oasis in the big city! 

At Stallet, you can experience Swedish folk music veterans as well as new, young folk musicians. Swedish and international, male and female artists with roots in Dalarna, Hälsingland, Scotland, Iran, and Calcutta, both traditional and contemporary folk and world music. New exciting musical encounters; Indian meets Latin American, Kurdish music meets Scandinavian, Swedish music mixed with Irish.


Anything Can Happen!

Dance enthusiasts testify that Stallet has the best dance floor in the city. You can dance Swedish polska, Brazilian forró, or street dance, African dances, tango, flamenco, or to klezmer music. Most of the time, the music is live. You can experience and enjoy music as a concert visitor but also be involved as a dancer, musician, and singer at dances, courses, seminars, and festivals. 

As part of the genre’s development, Stallet is also a venue for dance, instrument, and singing courses, workshops in connection with dances, and seminars. Both professional artists and amateurs are welcome to partake. Stallet collaborates with associations that provide expertise in various areas. 

During events, Stallet’s Café & Bar serves food and drinks. 


Important Venue!

Over the last 15 years, more than 180,000 visitors have listened, danced, and participated in over 1,500 events.

Stallet opened in November, 2000, and is run by the Swedish National Association for Folk Music and Dance (RFoD). RFoD works to strengthen, promote, develop, and disseminate folk music, world music, and folk dance. Today, Stallet is a key platform for Swedish folk and world musicians/dancers and a venue for the development of the genre and adjacent forms of music in Sweden.


Stallet is run by the Swedish National Association for Folk Music and Dance (RFoD) with support from Stockholm County Council, the City of Stockholm, and the Swedish Arts Council.